Zwift eating up all of my memory on my laptop

Laptop has 16g of RAM and the Zwift app is taking up all the memory and crashing. Had 8g of RAM and everything ran fine until a week ago. Increased the memory today and it’s still using up all my memory. It’s taking up to 10-12g while running. Any suggestions as to what to do?

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Please take a look at this reference thread: Guidelines for Seeking Support on the Forum

…and come back to this thread and post more details about your equipment. (specific model of computer, CPU, GPU, HDD or SSD?)

HDDs are notorious for causing issues. Further, you need quite a bit of free drive space to prevent crashes.

CPU. Laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15. Run Zwift via WiFi on a Wahoo Snap Smart Trainer.

And you’re surprised why exactly?

Two examples, firstly Eric is polite is asking questions and trying to work through the issues.

And secondly you start off well but then become somewhat demanding and rude

Please keep this on topic.

If you want people to help please state your question clearly.

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I’m sorry. you are right. I will delete it.

Hi Eric. I have/had the same problem. My pc has 8 gig and i have been using it only for zwift. It has been running great until the end of July (new up date?). Zwift kept freezing and crashing. Did everything I could possibly think of to fix and then contacted zwift. I was told it is now using 27 gig. I purchased more memory. I now have 40 gig and no freezing. I’m still shocked at the memory use. I hope this helps.

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Absolutely no way does Zwift need 27Gb of memory.

It runs perfectly fine on 8GB. This has been tried and tested.

If that amount of memory is being used them there’s something wrong elsewhere.

That explains it. I have 16g now and it is running fine except for when I go to save and it freezes. I’ll consider adding more gigs. Thanks.

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Hello, i thought it was fixed. At 1 hour it froze again. I just uninstalled and reinstalled zwift again and will try zwifting shortly. I agree Stuart 8 gig is enough. It has been enough since May. Beginning August i had issues.

Backstory: I can only bike for 9.9 kms …or 15 to 16mins before it freeze. Zwift app only shows 10 min 7 secs each time. Going from 8 gig to 40 gig only bought me time. Still freezes. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, backed out, updated and sent data to zwift. Will keep trying.

I’m a huge advocate of doing a Windows restore. Over time Windows gets bogged down with bloatware etc…

Best to stay again with a fresh installation. Easy if it’s a Zwift only PC but if it doubles up as a work/office PC less so

Any chance you have the video screenshots feature enabled in settings? If so, try with it off.


Hi Stuart. My gaming pc only runs zwift. I have already backed out of windows 11 recent update. I have disabled onedrive (zwift suggestion). I have logged out of comp app and shut off my phone ( did this before zwift suggested airplane mode for phone). I have rechecked bluetooth…took everything away and brought it back (another zwift suggestion). I will look at my notes and see if i did a windows restore after I do another ride. Wish me luck.

You’ve done pretty much all the recommended things. Time to do that restore.

With patches and Zwift installation it’s a couple of hours work.

Hi Stuart,
Thank you for your suggestion. Restore was done. Computer is new since May. nothing else runs on this PC except zwift. The restore of Windows 11 is very vanilla set up, so it doesn’t take long, plus new computer. Sadly, still froze.

Did you just do a restore, or did you do a complete clean install of windows including deleting all partitions

just a restore…due to computer only being a couple of months old.

I’d do a clean install, as that gets rid of any nasties that have crept in, also what AV are you using

Exactly the same phenomenon as me.
This is what happened after this August update. Initialize all partitions, clean reinstall Windows 11 pro, complete all updates, and run only Zwift, it crashes again. Even if I set the virtual memory to 20 gigabytes, it crashes. Conflict regardless of exercise type, course, or map. We received
several proposals from the Zwift team, but all of them failed.
I’m going to try turning off the video capture in the comments above.

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