Memory leak on window mode

After starting cycling, the memory was quickly filled up, and the system froze and crashed


Same problem for me, since two updates

Please increase your virtual memory first

Hi everyone, welcome to Forums. It’s Juan here from Zwift. Thanks for sharing your concerns here.

I comprehend how important it is fix this to prevent that the memory leak reduces the performance of the computer by reducing the amount of available memory.

If after increasing the virtual memory, the application still continues to use all that memory, please try to perform a clean boot. If you want to learn more about it, please click on this link.

As alternative, We recommend disabling screenshots in settings and reducing the screen quality to 720p, this could cause less RAM to be used while driving. If the problem persists, I recommend that you contact us for personalized assistance.

Good morning,
Since the February 2024 update, I have noticed slowdowns on Zwift - and I no longer see certain users - see photos (I am on Windows 10 PC)
After replacing the RAM and graphics card (Nvidia 3050), increasing the windows virtual memory, I noticed that when zwift is running, the RAM fills up and saturates, the game slows down and stops because the RAM overheated (16GB)
Same problem with other RAM memories, SSD500G hard drive (400 free).
Do you have a solution to overcome this problem? This issue was not present until February 2024.
Thanks in advance