Memory Leak in Alpe du Zwift on Windows?

My last two attempts up AdZ have abruptly ended after turn 8, due to memory exhaustion causing Windows to kill Zwift and everything else. This happened in February during a small meetup and again yesterday during ToW.

I haven’t had this issue in other rides or routes that take more than an hour and I have been able to complete AdZ before, so maybe there’s a regression in a recent update?

System info:

  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Intel Core i5-8250U
  • 8 GB RAM


I did my usual four Alp repeats on my Win10 machine yesterday without problems and also a double alp the day before.
I get that this doesn’t help you that much, but at least it indicates that it’s not a general Win10/Alp issue.


Hi @Zach_Burgess

I feel like I’ve seen more and more reports of these “memory exhaustion” issues cropping up since the recent Zwift updates.

Memory exhaustion sounds like a “resource-exhaustion-dectector” warning error that you might find in your Windows Event Viewer (e.g. EVTX) crash logs.

To my knowledge, this has to do with a low virtual memory condition and can typically be corrected by increasing the page file. Maybe check out this article and see if that helps.

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