Unreadable text on screen [February 2024] [Windows 1.58.]

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. I have searched but can’t find any report of this issue

This has gradually got worse over the last few months.
It started now and again when I tried to join the bigger rides like tour de zwift. I assumed it was the large number of riders involved that was causing the issue.
It is now every ride and is making the platform unusable

Any help gratefully received

HP laptop on windows 10
Latest updates on laptop and mobile (companion app)
Uninstalled and re installed Zwift

Cheers Phil

I suspect your laptops capabilities are being stretched a bit too far.

Run the log through Zwiftalizer and post a link here and we’ll be able to see.

Thanks for your reply

How do I go about “running the log through zwiftaliser”/



I will access the log tomorrow and post them

Hi @Philip_Jones3, welcome to Zwift Forums! Thanks for the attached screenshot and for your previous effort to resolve this scenario. I’d like you to know that the minimum requirement of 8GB RAM is necessary to run the Zwift game properly. You may want to take a look at our article to check the devices that fall under our optimal options.

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If this laptop has an AMD CPU and AMD integrated graphics, the GPU shares system memory, which means it needs more than 8GB installed in order to have 8GB available to Windows. If that’s your situation, 12GB should be enough according to previous reports.

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Thanks for all your help.
The laptop I use for zwift only has 4gb ram (3.44gb usable)
I am going to investigate increasing this

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