Text Jumbled on Windows after update 1.51.0 [October 2023]

After the last update, all the text is jumbled on any ride. I’m on windows, and before this last patch everything was fine. I’ve tried windowed and full screen, changed resolutions, and reinstalled.



Following the October 2013 updates in Windows, my in-game experience has ceased due to scrambeled or pixelated text which is completely unreadable. Moreover, when in game, no rides can be saved due to crashing.
I’m using a 2 year old acer laptop with AMD graphics card and Windows 11. All software is up to date and latest drivers are in use.
The problem has me baffled, does anyone have any ideas what to do?

Apologies, it was the 2023 October updates

Like this?

Thank you Paul. I tried reinstalling from scratch, changing resolutions and tested full screen and windowed views. No joy for me.
It’s evidently something to do with my laptop, but I cannot work out what it is. I had no trouble with it until last week.
If the next Zwift update doesn’t rectify the issue, I think Zwift and I will be parting company.

I remember the last time this happened, and it was on AMD then as well.

Same, its happened before, usually after a couple patches it resolves, so I figure they are working it.

Will just wait it out…

We’ve heard that some performance improvements should be coming in 1.53. We’re on 1.51 now so it might take two updates to find out if those changes help you. If you are near renewal you can cancel the subscription and restart it whenever you see it’s working again. You won’t lose anything by doing that other than your ability to ride in Zwift. All your activities, level, XP, etc. are preserved when you cancel and then resubscribe later. You can probably do free trials of other products in the mean time and not pay anything.

Hi there… I’m having some problems with running Zwift on a laptop since the most recent update in October 2023… The text is appearing pixelated as below, making the text on screen unreadable. I can cycle for a couple of minutes - then the programme crashes often unfortunately. I’m running Windows 10 with an AMD Radeon Vega 6 graphics card. Drivers are the latest version.

This used to happen on France and Japan circuits - unfortunately now it’s happening on them all for me - making Zwift unusable unfortunately

Anyone else experiencing this and any potential remedies?

Looks similar to this:

Thanks Paul - yes looks very similar

Hello folks. In looking into this issue, it appears it may be due to low memory issues. Zwift currently requires a minimum of 8gb RAM to run properly on PC and Mac computers. @Joseph_Magish , @Darren_Matthews_Shef , @Don_Simone , please feel free to reach out to Support and we can double check whether that is the case and troubleshoot further if possible.


I have a issue with some tracks in.
Exp Makuri and Watopia

I have a brand new laptop, and most of the tracks workes fine.
Just thees 2 that i have a problem with.

Im on a Windowns 10 HOME edition.
Graphics card - AMD Radeon Vega 8 256Mb

Hope you can help me. =)

Likely not enough RAM. The AMD chip shares the RAM with the on-board GPU

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I am running Zwift on a Lenovo laptop in my garage. BT disc showing blue, laptop hard wired to disc. Speed 60 download 12 upload.
When i enter an event the screen generally is ok but figures are pixelated. This used to be an occasional issue on higher definition backgrounds but now happens on all including Watopia. Like this morning 10 miles in i sometimes get disconnection and lose of data. General network around the house is good.
Very frustrating and i need help

What are the laptop specs?

LENOVO yoga 530_14ARR