Scrambled text?

Video working fine but text is now scrambled. This is a new development for me been working fine for a couple of years?

Something like what’s in the screenshots in: Gibberish / incomprehensible text - even worse after update ?

Hi @FSB_Bruce_Tidrick

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I’m a tech support agent with the Zwift team, and so I had a look at your account and gathered a bit of information about your computer based on your past logins to Zwift.

Best I can tell, your computer is using an AMD Ryzen chipset, and there have been some reports of this buggy/scrambled text graphical issue from Zwifters using comparable PC hardware.

It’s unclear if updating your graphics drivers might help, but it’s something you can try. You should be able to update them on AMD’s support site here.

I also noticed that your computer ram is 4 GB, so that’s a bit below the minimum requirement for Zwift. While that may not have anything to do with this specific issue, if you’re trying to run Zwift on a computer that falls below the minimum required specs, this can lead to other issues. In truth, such a computer is usually not something sustainable now and in the future as Zwift releases updates to improve the graphics of the app.

You’ll find the minimum computer requirements for Zwift in this article.