Any further advantage gling from 4GB to 8GB?

My Zwift dedicated desktop Windows computer is an i3 7100, GTX 970, and 4 GB of ram (oh…i’ve also just installed an SSD - OMG!!).

If i upgrade to 8GB ram - would the Zwift software benefit from more ram than the 4G that i have on now?

In short, yes!

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I’d say yes too. But out of interest have you looked to see how much is being used throughout zwifting? Like in the task manager (if they still call it that).

If you are not coming near to using the 4Gig, no, you wont. While that specs sheet says better, it has a far far better CPU and a better GPU as well.

Memory is little different, some apps use it efficiently, some do not. Some apps will use more memory if you give it more but on my system with 8G i have not seen Zwift it’s self use very much ram.

Open task manager, leave it open in the back ground, run zwift, do a ride, alt+tab out and check task manager and see your systems total memory usage, you can also check Processes to see specifically what Zwift is using.

If you are sitting at 3.5GB of memory usage or more, 8G could be useful, if you plan to use anything else on that system.

Yes if you run some other software while Zwifting (web browser with a lot of open tabs, Spotify, Netflix etc.). If you only run Zwift then no.

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Are you using 64 bit Windows? You need that to use more than 4GB ram. 32 bit Windows will only use 4GB of ram no matter how much you put into it.

Just and FYI, Zwift will only run on 64 bit. Meaning, I am sure he already running a 64 bit version of Windows on his Zwift computer.

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OK. I did not know that. I’ve been running 64 bit for so long that I never pay attention to that detail anymore. Maybe when we go to 128 … or 256! :wink::+1:t3::biking_man:‍♂