Zwift running choppy - major upgrades required?

Hey Guys,
I have an older gaming PC with the following specs

Q6600 Quad core 2.4 processor
9800GTX+ Videocard
120 gb SSD
4 GB Ram

Zwift runs “ok” on my system but it is a bit choppy. I don’t really use my computer anymore for gaming so going out and spending $1000+ on a new system just to use Zwift doesn’t really make sense for me. Would upgrading the ram from 4GB to 8GB correct some of this issue? could my ram be maxing out causing the choppyness?

Thanks for your input

Hi Rob, 

I dont think the ram will make any difference, its going to be the graphics card that will be the best upgrade as the 9800 must be 6-7 years old now.

If it will fit in your case (think it will as the 9800 was a big boy), an Nvidia 960GTX should fit the bill. The 950 is another option but its price is so close to the 960 you might as well go for the better model. 



Thanks for the response Steve


One of my friends has a HD 5870 1gb he can give to me. I know it is a little bit of an older card but it should be miles ahead of the 9800gtx. Do you think it will smooth out some of the graphics? 

Looking at my current setup I think a 960gtx will get bottlenecked by my processor. (I can’t really justify spending 700 or 800 upgrading my system as the only thing I’ll use it for is zwift)


What do you think? I’m not opposed to spending a little bit of money to have a smoother ride

Thanks again,


5870 should be a nice bump up if its free or a nice low price :slight_smile:

I doubt the 5870 will give you ultra but if it is free I would take it. If you have a big enough PSU and can find another 5870 and Crossfire them, you may get ultra

5780 installed and running great! I have it set on ultra and it’s perfectly smooth

Thanks everyone for the help and advise