ZWIFT Connection Failure Windows ANT+ and Flux 2 Fixed - Full Solution

After a few days of Connection drops running Zwift on Windows (nothing changed on my setup) I finally seem to have solved it. Read the summary at the bottom! Not all steps are necessary :slight_smile:

  1. Swear and scream at the injustice of it all
  2. Repeat step 2 for as many times as necessary to feel morally superior
  3. Re-install Windows 10
  4. Re-install Zwift
  5. Re-install Zwift companion
  6. Sit in your pain cave late at night turning pedals by hand
  7. Revisit steps 1) and 2)
  8. Go to bed
  9. Wait for ethernet cable to arrive now that you don’t trust WiFi
  10. Excitedly plug in ethernet cable and marvel at internet speeds
  11. See step 6) closely followed by steps 1) 2) and 8)
  12. Excessively clean the kitchen (might not be part of the fix but helped)
  13. Wait for Bluetooth adaptor to arrive
  14. Research alternative virtual apps (Rouvy and so on)
  15. With an almost inevitable weariness plug-in Bluetooth adaptor
  16. Spend some of your Saturday night turning pedals by hand
  17. Keep waiting for a connection drop that NEVER HAPPENS…
  18. Get kit out for a proper test on Sunday
  19. Go to bed like it is Christmas Eve
  20. Wake up, wait for family to go to IKEA and do this test ride!
  21. Pray this isn’t a coincidence…

In summary. I think the ANT+ was overloaded (I was broadcasting my HR from my GARMIN watch on ANT+ and connecting my Flux 2 also on ANT+) and so leaving the GARMIN on ANT+ and switching the trainer to BT seems to have helped. None of the other steps (ethernet, re-installs, cleaning kitchen) seem to make any difference.

Good luck

I seem to remember that ANT+ can read up to 15 connections. Something like that.

One other possibility is the ANT+ dongle going bad. One of my Garmins started giving me issues have 6-7 years.

Did ANT+ work with the Flux 2 when the HRM was off and not paired? If not, that would rule out the possibility of too much ANT+ going on. Other factors could be at work: something up with the trainer affecting ANT+ transmission but not Bluetooth, a source of radio signal interference that affected ANT+ but not Bluetooth, etc.

I never tried it without the HRM as obviously an integral part of the setup. But you may be on to something. If this continues to work I’m probably not going to investigate further.

If it does play up, I will look at getting a new ANT+ dongle and see if that helps. As I hadn’t changed anything, I imagine my problems were linked to some external interference.

Balancing BT and ANT+ seems to be ok right now.