Ant+ problems

Since the update in december i got random annoying ant+ dropouts.

It has worked flawless untill now and it making me F****** crazy because it ruins My training.

I have bought new usb stick, new Garmin ant+ Adapter, changed batteries everywhere. Checked surrounding for interference. But NO. I got Still dropouts…i cant even do a friggin Ramptest…


Hi @Alex_Cantarero, welcome to the forums.

Try reinstalling the drivers, see this post for more info

Upload a log file to to look for patterns in the connectivity problems

Put the ANT+ stick on a USB extension cable and get it closer to your trainer. Repeat the analysis with the USB stick positioned in various different places and see if you get fewer rx failures or disconnects.

Try a different USB port on the computer.

Check your PC USB ports are on Power Saving or not. If yes, uncheck the box to disable it.

Have you changed 2,5Ghz wifi from channel 10 ?
Login to the router and change it. Check which channels are active with the android app, Netspot.