Zwift Companion App Constantly Dropping BT

Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more dropped connections when riding. I’ve done all the usual fixes: turn on airplane mode, turn on wi-fi and BT, make sure phone isn’t connected to anything else, have separate BT dongle, but constantly seeing the whole connected but No-Signal error.

I can ride for 20 minutes and then drop, and then takes a minute to reconnect.

What is the status with connecting directly via BT on Windows 10? I know it was in Beta a while ago, but haven’t heard much since then. It’s gotten to the point where it doesn’t even pay to try and ride. A consistent connection just doesn’t happen any more!


You can use a bluetooth dongle on Windows 10.

Why don’t you use a ANT+ dongle if you have windows 10, in my opinion it is way better than BT.

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I’m already using an Ant+ dongle as well as a BT dongle…and Zwift still constantly drops. It connects and always ends up giving the “No Signal” error…

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BT, ANT+ and WiFi are all in the 2.4GHz Frequency Range.
Set WiFi to Channel 1 or better to 5GHz only, disable BT and use an USB extension cable to get the ANT Dongle as near as possible to the trainer.

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Why do you use both.

What devices are you paring?

Dropouts are due to interference or weak signals.

Becuase I have a Kinetic Smart Trainer which uses BT - not Ant+, and I have Ant+ heart rate monitor. And my trainer has zero problem connecting when I use the Zwift app directly on my phone.

I can’t disable BT since that’s how the trainer talks to everything. There are no issues with Ant+ dropping or connecting.

Everything I’ve seen points to the fact that the companion app is the issue. I can connect to my trainer fine in the Kinetic Fit app. I can connect fine when using Trainer Road

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What is the model that does not support ANT+ , I thought all of them have ANT+. :thinking:

If you get a bluetooth dongle for your PC you can avoid the Companion app step. Zwift don’t work on older Bluetooth radios.

You can’t use bluettooth direct with Windows 10. Zwift has written about this. The only direct BT they support is through Apple TV, which I don’t have. The option to connect directly in the PC App does not work. And as I mentioned in my first post, I have a new BT dongle.

And Kurt Kinetic trainers have never supported Ant+ - only BLE.

This is incorrect, but does not make a difference in your case since you have a BLE dongle.

Took some time but found it. I always thought that all trainers went from USB to Ant+ to duel ANT and BT. My mistake look like Kinetic decided that only BT was better.

It look like This video show Windows and Bluetooth.

I actually have older model Kurt Kinetic Smart Control trainer. That has only BLE. The newer model does support Ant+

And again, as I mentioned in my initial post, trying to connect to Windows direct without the companion app doesn’t work with Kinetic trainer. Fails to see the trainer…have to use the companion app, and that is still sketchy at best.

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Thanks Anthony.

So your trainer also does not control the resistance if i’m not mistaken.
This is me thinking out of the box a bit, can you use your trainer as a dumb trainer with an ANT+ speed sensor and select the trainer in Zwift, so that Zwift use there Power curve.

I’m still wondering why this trainer wont connect to windows. Maybe someone else with the same trainer can comment.

EDIT: I wonder if you can’t replace your inride sensor with a newer one.

Yes, my trainer does control the resistance - it just connects only using BLE and not Ant+. IT is a smart trainer. It works fine with PerfPRo, TrainerRoad, and Kinetic Fit app.

Again, I used to be able to connect to Zwift via the companion app just fine for quite some time, and now within the last month, it has become impossible to maintain a connection.

And the Kinetic InRide device is for those trainers that aren’t actual smart trainers where resistance isn’t controlled by the trainer.

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Is anyone still experiencing issues with this? I recently got into Zwift and cannot connect my Tickr HR monitor through the companion app. I’ve tried taking the battery out, toggling bluetooth on and off, etc. and still get the “No Signal”. I’m connecting my trainer and cadence sensor through Apple TV HD (newest model). I’ve forgotten the HR monitor on my iPhone so I don’t think that is the issue either. And don’t have the Wahoo App on my phone and close every App before starting Zwift. If I disconnect the Cadence Senros, the HR monitor will connect directly through AppleTV with no issues but then Cadence Sensor wont connect through companion app. Any help out there?

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Needing help… Windows 7, connecting through ZC, Hammer H2, MyZone heart strap and Android (more bellow). I updated by H2 firmware and since am constantly dropping BLE signal (shows paired no signal) Also, MyZone is very hard to get to connect. Prior to firmware update no connections issues at all. Is this a known issue? I have used two different Android devices (S8 Active & S10e). I have reloaded both Zwift and ZC app. Any input greatly appreciated