Saris M2 droppouts

Over the past month or so I have been experiencing almost daily dropouts on zwift with my M2. My setup has not changed for the past 18 months. Has anybody else experienced this? I have no idea if it is a Zwift or Saris issue.

Same here. Over the last 3 - 4 months I experienced more dropouts then before. I contacted Saris support and I tried different options to solve the problem. A month ago it looked like I solved the problem. Disabling the 2,4Ghz option on the wifi network seemed to do the trick. A week later I experienced continuous dropouts starting almost immediately after starting a ride. This happened after updating the zwift app and the ios version of my Apple TV.

Oh no so this is still an ongoing problem? Any other ideas?

Hi @Alex_Johnson3

Well, so far I’ve seen 2 reports of this issue on this Forums thread. From a technical support standpoint, 3 or more reports of an issue constitutes a trend and we typically need at least that many unique reports (under similar circumstances) before we can raise the issue to a higher technical authority to be investigated as a trending issue.

That being said, we prefer to troubleshoot technical issues on a case-by-case basis, which is oftentimes more helpful given that the Zwift setup (e.g., devices used to run the app, OS versions, trainer hardware, firmware versions, etc…) can vary so much from Zwifter to Zwifter. It’s unclear what you’ve tried as yet to troubleshoot the issue and the fact that you’ve changed nothing about your setup doesn’t rule out things like wireless signal interference or other issues.

For starters, I’d suggest you check out this article and if that doesn’t help, contact Zwift tech support.

You can reach us here.

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I will have to do a couple of rides to be sure, but I think I found the cause of the problem.

This week I will try to rule out all of the options (possible causes).

@Steven_D A question in general: My fan is an AC type which causes more electromagnetic interference. Is a DC type an better option?

I had another drop today. But I don’t think it’s zwift. Today when I went to look at the trainer the light wasn’t even on even though it was plugged in. Normally even when not paired there is a flashing light. So I’ll give Saris a call and see if they can take a look. Zwiftalizer shows no connection issues besides that one total drop. And it was resolved immediately by unplugging and plugging back in. Just means I have to unclip to do so.

@Alex_Johnson3 Was the green LED on the adapter on?