Bluetooth dropout Saris M2 & Samsung Galaxy 9 Plus

Need help.

Occasional bluetooth drop out prior to update.

Now, multiple dropouts, and no signal, or poor signal after trying to connect bluetooth again.

Fresh install new app update. All equipment cycled on/off, cleared all other Bluetooth devices, cleared all other running programs. Several trainer calibrations.

Have to give up and connect via ANT+, and lose the controllable. Goes to ERG without Bluetooth. Have had to finish at least a couple rides this way.

I was also getting higher and higher watt readings prior to update, and moved up to level B per ZP. I’m not even close to that now. Seems noticeably harder to attain the watts I was at and can’t maintain previous levels.

Bad Bluetooth on trainer or software problem?

Use a new Saris M2 with updates. BT to a Samsung Galaxy 9 plus.

Have emailed both Saris and Zwift support to no avail.

Help appreciated, thanks!

Hi @Curt_Johnson

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m looking at your session logs and the last time you had your trainer connected via Bluetooth was June 6. Looks like you rode three different sessions that day? Do you recall having any issues on that day?

You have been using the latest Android game version 1.0.50776 since June 4. So 1) upgrading to the latest version’s not going to help because you’re already on it and 2) I’'m not sure the patch was the root cause of your issues if you had no issues on that triple-ride day.

You say you have a “new Saris M2 with updates.” To clarify: does that mean you’ve updated the trainer’s firmware? That might help here.

It’s also possible local electromagnetic interference is messing with your Bluetooth signal. One thing you can do from your end to find out is to locate your log file and upload it to This is a third party site that diagnoses your log file for any issues. Here’s how to locate your log files.

If Zwiftalizer shows some inteference, here are some steps you can take to reduce interference.

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Three sessions because of the dropouts. That was one of the worst days. It improved a bit from there until the last few days.

Yes, Saris is updated with newest firmware.

Zwiftalizer shows I have an old version which I don’t understand. Also not sure what to look for in terms of dropouts.

Usually the lights on the M2 are out and I have to cycle the plug to start up again.

Ill try to send a screen pic.

Thanks much for the help!

1st is typical of when it drops out, it will also say “no signal”

2nd pic is a dropout that happened at the end of the ride.

I just sent my log files to Support for this exact same issue.

Anyone with some hints on the Zwiftalizer bluetooth graph?

I’ve been having similar issues with my H2, also via Android and Bluetooth.

Zwift seems to lose connection to the trainer, and doesn’t seem to automatically reconnect (or at least takes longer to reconnect than my patience can handle during a race/workout), so I need to hurriedly go to the menu, deselect the power source and re-select, and back to the game. Zero issues with the cadence or HR sensors, and I’ve never needed to deselect-select the controllable (which is the same H2 as the power source).

Sometimes it will work perfectly, but then there is the odd dropout (seemingly always at the worst possible time in a race, or right before a hard section in a workout :laughing: ). I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it happen during a free ride, but could be wrong. I have seen it in a meetup.

For example, on Tuesday I did a ride on Rouvy AR, and later the evening on Zwift a 3R race. Both worked flawlessly, no dropouts that I saw.
Wednesday evening, on Zwift the SSAT race, dropout just before 10 minutes in, goodbye bunch! Yet in the Alex Dowsett group workout directly after, no dropouts (I didn’t even log out and save, just “Join now” to go directly from Innsbruck to Yorkshire).
All this on the same tablet, in the same position, with my phone’s bluetooth and wifi turned off just in case.
In fact, if anything the Dowsett workout should have been more likely to get a dropout, given I turned on the TV to watch his session on Youtube at the same time.

The same behavior happens with my wife’s tablet, and with my previous tablet. Trainer on latest firmware, and the tablets on various Android versions (Wife’s on Android 7, my old tablet on 8.1, and my current tablet on 10).
No microwaves being used, or other devices that could be trying to connect to the trainer at the same time (Edge 530 is connected to the same cadence and HR, but different powermeter, and via ANT+).

From Zwiftpower, the section with the dropout. The part where both read 0 is a downhill section where I stopped pedalling. Then just before the dropout, the H2 power flattens out. The hiccup in between, I assume is where I am re-selecting it in the menu.

What I still need to test, is connecting the 530 to the trainer over ANT+, to see if the dropout occurs on both protocols at the same time. If it does, then possibly something with the trainer itself, firmware issue maybe.

Edit: Just to add - while obviously frustrating, and it would be great if we could figure out the problem (be it Zwift, Saris, or environmental), I’ll continue to race/do workouts. 40th or 68th in a virtual race, great workout either way.

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Completely frustrating!!! There can’t be this many ppl having the same issue and it not be something with the program itself.

Anthony M Spencer
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Did find a way to clear the bluetooth cache on the Galaxy. Will see if this helps. Googled bluetooth problems on the S9 and a list of 5-6 suggestions came up, along with where to do this under settings, then apps.

Can’t get on the bike for a few days, so will post results when I get back.

Cheers all!

Had a great sub 2.0 ride today with no Bluetooth drops!

Since my last ride (and post) there has been a Zwift update, Companion update, and I had cleared the Bluetooth cache on the phone.

No ideas which one worked, but i will happily take those results and hope for more like it.

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Hello Curt!
Thanks for posting the feedback on the latest version. I wish I could tell you which action resolved your issue, but I cannot.

Good call on the bluetooth cache clearing thing - we don’t often see users do that.
And it’s rare that we get GOOD news on bluetooth, so let’s hope it holds up!

Thanks again,

Well, shouldn’t have said anything…

Same problem at end of 2 sessions, although now no ability to hook up either ant or bluetooth. Had to start over.


Looking at keeping phone charged up to see if that helps. Usually around 15% by last 10 minutes.

Don’t know why but lights on Saris are completely out and have to cycle plug to get going again.

Has to be the latest app version. My M2 never dropped out before and now it does. Fix it please. Also noted since the update I can’t consistently unpair my trainer during a workout so that I can run the trainer app calibration process. That also used to work fine. Nothing has changed in my pain cave. Any advice is appreciated.

Anyone else seeing ble dropouts AGAIN? omg so frustrating b

Buenas tardes, por que mi entrenador saris m2 smart trainer o cicleops magnun despues de actualizar y calibrar en la app de saris mediante Bluetooth todo funciona bien, me conecto a Zwift y comienzo sesion por Bluetooth desde mi Samsung galaxy s9+ (android) todo va bien pero a los 3 minutos o 4 abandona la señal y no vuelve a emparejar se queda todo asi (–) en mis marcadores y no vuelve a vincular, teniendo que desconectarlo todo para que vuelva a funcionar y siempre con el mismo resultado. Ayúdenme porfavor ya que pagué mi cuota en Zwift y no puedo utilizarlo.
Gracias, un saludo