Day 1 disaster (fail to move)

Today was day 1. I took delivery of a saris m2 smart trainer and activated my membership. Having set up and run several calibrations (via Saris and Rouvy - as recommended).
I jumped on to explore watopia. My avatar moves (briefly) and I see a Watts reading climb up towards 100/150 but then crash down to zero and no matter what I do I can’t get going again without restarting.
What am I doing wrong / missing??

Please help…

Can you provide more about your set up? How are you connecting to Zwift? (PC/Mac; Apple TV; iOS, Android, etc.) And what protocol? (ANT+, Bluetooth) If ANT+, are you using an extension cable to get the dongle closer to your trainer? Would you be able to provide a photo of your pairing screen while you are pedaling?

Hopefully this additional information will help to provide a solution to your issue and get you rolling!

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There could be equipment issues. Lets start with a general question. People are having many issue connecting through Bluetooth. If using Bluetooth, try connecting via Ant+, you will need a Ant+ Dongle and perhaps a USB extension to get it close to the trainer. When in the “ride”, hit “A” button to get to pairing screen and make sure your trainer is connected as “Controllable” and “Power Source”

Hey man! I have an M2 also. It is paired to my Galaxy 9. Occasionally have dropoouts during racing like you descibe. Sometimes none, sometimes 1 to 2. I hit menu and go back into BT to reconnect even if it shows I’m still connected. Then back and start pedaling. Annoying, but works. Think it’s the internet connection I guess? And yes, I lose the time I spent reconnecting. Learned to be fairly quick at it.

Also…Don’t delay getting the Saris training tire to go with. Makes a HUGE difference when the climb gets over 9 percent. Think I gained 80 watts when my rear tire quit slipping.

Don’t forget to update the software (Saris) just in case you didn’t.

Does the wattage show 0 or a dash —?

Thanks Guys. Appreciate the help. So…
Bluetooth to ios.
Done the firmware update
Power crashes to 0 (not -)
Paired as Controllable and power source. initially I also had cadence paired but have tried w with that on and off.

The only other thought I had was getting closer to the WiFi?

And Thanks for the tire tip…

So trying again today.
New ios device. (still BLE connection)
Different location for set up.
Same problem. I set off, climb up to 80 ish watts then it tumbles… Even if I push harder
Same thing happens in Rouvy.
Have I got a dodgy trainer??

Dodgy Trainer it seems. Contact manufacturer. The 0 means it is still connected (not a drop out) but it isn’t reading any power.

Does saris have an app that allows you to pair and read power numbers?

Only other thing to check is that the green flashing light turns blue when connected. Check this when you are at zero output? Guess I’d contact store or manufacturer after all that. Best of luck.