Saris / Cyclops Hammer H1 myriad of issues

Hi, I recently bought an older H1 direct-drive trainer from a friend, who I’ve ridden and raced with on zwift many times and can attest he had zero issues with it prior to my buying it. I have been experiencing numerous, random issues with it- occasional short signal drops (like, one pedal stroke), full-on disconnect where the light shuts off and I have to restart the trainer, and most recently it fully lost all controllable function - during a 200w interval it let all resistance off, and no matter how hard of a gear I shifted in, it kept compensating so the freewheel was spinning at its max while I was only pedaling less than 100w. Worked fine after a restart. but this is hugely disappointing for a $1000 trainer- I had zero connection or firmware issues with my 4 year old bottom-line Tacx trainer.
Up-to-date on Zwift (the problems have spanned two versions though) and firmware on trainer is up-to-date and has gone through several calibrations. Computer is a 2019 27" iMac.

That does not sound normal.

Do you use ANT+ FE-c?

Oh yeah- forgot to mention that. I personally have been using only BT (with my hrm too) as with my last trainer I had better luck than mixing BT and ANT. The one time I had tried ANT with this trainer it was dropping signal every minute or so.

[personal info redacted]

I received a new H1 in late Feb. I had the complete disconnect where the light goes off too during a SST training ride today. I had to unplug and restart the H1. It has happened before, but I didn’t check the light status before resetting. I’ll be calling Saris this week

Update: Still no response from Saris on the issue. All issues going through email support.

Yeah, I never received a response from Saris either. So much for customer service. At least I’m not riding indoors anymore…