Zwift Update and CycleOps Hammer Red LED

I updated my Zwift app (iPad) yesterday-ish, and during the first session it suddenly lost connection to my trainer, CycleOps Hammer, of which LED initially blinked at 1Hz or 2Hz (don’t remember) but later became solid, which means its microprocessor has died according to the LED guidance.

I believe it has to be a hardware issue, but before I dispose this oversized trash from my house, I’d definitely like to know if anybody else has a similar issue with Zwift’s update.

What I did:

  • unplug for 5 hours.
  • contact Saris (but don’t expect much since the warranty expired)
  • access via Saris app (it can’t detect the device).

Does your trainer have its own app that you can use to calibrate/update firmware etc?

It’s certainly worth trying to connect it to that to rule out a software issue.

Or try RGT etc…

I do suspect it’s s hardware death though by the sound of it.

Yeah, that’s the aforementioned Saris app (Saris Utility) and the trainer isn’t detected.

Ah yes, sorry i missed that. I think it’s fair to say the trainer is dead.

There are companies that can repair them but it’s maybe time for an upgrade.

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Hi @Popuko_Team_Epic

Welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear about the trainer.

I would suggest contacting SARIS, they are super nice. You may be lucky and get a new electronics board at a good price.

I contacted Saris 10 days ago but have yet to hear from them, so I assume they don’t care about me. I actually didn’t expect much either as this is an old product made even before Saris was ever founded, but it appears their service is not a top notch like Wahoo (and even they have lots of hardware failures).

I always found Saris/CycleOps customer service to be top notch but that was all based on interactions before they were bought out of bankruptcy last year. Wonder if that’s changed with the new ownership.

Not quite accurate. When your trainer was made Saris was the parent company and CycleOps was one of their brands. They just eliminate CycleOps as a brand and put everything under the Saris name, same company.