Game Update - April 14th, 2020

That makes sense, I normally climb the Alpe in WO mode but most recently I was just freeriding.

i had a run crash the other day, first time using zwift after update. 2 miles in, i jumped off treadmill to run to bathroom, got back 30 seconds later and program had crashed and completely closed out. my file for the activity seems corrupted too. my bike yesterday went fine, no crash

I was taken back to where I was kicked out right after finishing REVO social sub2 ride, GMT 12:00, April 14. Used iPad. That was the longest flight in zwift experience.

Thank you for the information. I’ve updated the bug report.

From my 13000 plus people I was following I’m now at 4800 and still unable to follow my friends. And one more thing, I don’t get way is a limit to how many people I can follow. This is a social experience way put a limit on it?

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@El_Murga I checked with the team and it looks like while you are well under the 5,000 limit, you have a few hundred follow requests still pending. This means the person you asked to follow has their profile set to Private and they need to approve or deny your follow request. These too are counted in the 5,000 limit but will not appear in the “following” count until the user responds to your request.

Been having some syncing problems with this update over the last few rides, Zwift not recognising my trainer, or no signal from the trainer, avatar not spinning, and then lost signal after stopping on a ride today. I’ve recalibrated my trainer, this is similar to problems I used to get before several updates ago. After logging out and rejoining the meet-up I’d organised it Zwift didn’t record my full KM.

New update out today, try to update and see if anything changes for you.

@Wes , when will Zwift provide tools to allow us to manage following and follower lists? I’ve raised this a few times in various forum topics for a long time now and get precisely nothing back from HQ. I was already following over 5000 people when Zwift introduced the limit. Incidentally, there are people following over 10,000 already. Will they be forced to cull 5000 people so that they don’t have any social advantage over others?

I’ve been on Zwift since late 2015 so my average follow rate is probably only about 3 per day. Not excessive by any means. As you will be able to see I have many people wanting to follow me on regular basis and I like to follow them back. You can also see how many Ride Ons I get and how many I give each week.

Why should I or anyone else be disadvantaged by this new limit? Zwift’s secret sauce is the social and community aspect. I spend a LOT of time on Zwift each week helping others to enjoy the platform and become.familiar with it. I lead rides, I sweep and ultimately I interact with and encourage hundreds of people each week. I don’t ask for payment. I don’t ask for recognition from HQ. I.just ask to be able to do what I enjoy and that is to socialise, get fit and have fun while using Zwift for exactly what it was designed for. Or have I got something wrong?

I would like to see the limit removed, but if it must stay at least allow me make informed decisions about who I cull so I can follow new people.

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You guys still haven’t fixed the issue where I need to actually start a ride and then go back to the Menu just to access things like the Garage and Settings…you also haven’t fixed the issue of every time I end a ride the app closes and needs to be reopened and then a ride started and then back to menu to get to the garage. It’s really, really stupid and annoying, please fix.

I am just wonder what type of disadvantage you are referring to?

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That’s no bug that needs fixiing. It’s the way zwift was designed.
They’d need to reprogram the whole thing.
And rumors are, they have a new UI (User Interface) in the pipeline which will be released in 2020.

The limit was brought in because some users that followed lots of people were having issues.

Ultimately a first world problem @Paul_Allen, but Zwift is heavily social. It can be clumsy trying to interact with others if you don’t already follow them so already having the extra XXXX thousand people in your following list means you can be more social, more easily. I can train on many different platforms, but Zwift is the one that provides and encourages social interaction at the core of the experience and the community has grown around that. I enjoy helping people and interacting with them and it should be as easy as possible.

I don’t necessarily have an issue with the 5000 limit. That’s an awful lot of people to follow even at a modest average ‘follows per day’ rate in my case. I could probably cull well over 1000 as I followed many during my first few years on Zwift and lots didn’t follow me back. The last few years, however, the number of people wanting to follow me after we chat or I help them in game has grown considerably and now I am faced with the issue of not being able to follow them back to continue that interaction in a convenient manner.

I am asking for a set of tools to allow me to manage following and follower lists. If I can make informed decisions about who I cull then all good. Who never followed me back? Who never gives me a Ride On? Who is no longer active on Zwift? Who is following me that I can’t follow back because I have hit the 5000 limit? Make it as easy to get the most out of the social side of the platform.


My words too, Jason, better than I could have said them. I second this motion. Zwift, are you listening? I’m sure many others feel this way also. We paid for a service and now part of it has been taken away.

Update, 11 May 2020: I opened Notifications this morning and the first thing I see is 6 new followers that I cannot follow back. Again it’s very frustrating to see these Zwifters showing interest in watching me and not being able to reciprocate.

If Zwift would make it easy to moderate our lists on a PC, I could likely unfollow over a thousand already not following me back. I could then follow my current non-followed followers and I would actually be back under the limit which should be removed anyway.

I have NOT experienced any ‘issues’ because I’m following lots of people.

There must be 1000s of Zwifters handicapped by this cap barring us from being social.

WHEN will Zwift fix this for us???

Please for the life of me, I cannot find the ERG mode anymore since the last update. Please help… I tried my training in free ride and i find I easily begin to wonder. I need ERG to keep me focused and honest. Why in the world would it move

Check your trainer is paired as a controllable.

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