Game Update: Feb 27, 2020

Hey Zwifters, small update went out today primarily to add support for our upcoming March cycling mission as well as other content updates for the month.

Additionally it includes:

  • Singletrack Slayer training plan
  • Removal of bluetooth spindown on certain trainers due to incompatibilities. We will be re-enabling these once they work more reliably.
  • Added route achievement for run track
  • Fixed crash that could occur on AppleTV
  • Fixed some segment arches not awarding power-ups
  • Lots of kits updated/added
  • Misc smaller fixes and small features

If you notice something new in this update that’s bugging you just let us know in the comments below.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift


It’s 2020.


Will no power up on Watopia Downtown arch

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@Jon_Mayfield any update to when the new Apple TV UI update will be dropping?


So we will see the ghosting of sandbaggers in the next update? Just heard on the zwiftcast it was either the February update or the March one.

I am eager for that, so many people in the wrong category atm


Bugs (some old, some new):

  • The power curve is still not working as it should. If you e.g. make a personal best on 20min power, your curve is still not close to your personal best curve… Put your mouse pointer on the curves and you’ll see that the values are identical, even if the curves are far apart.
  • If you try to end the ride/workout/race (get to the screen where you type in the activity name and select photos), only the photos of the ride are available, not those that you took e.g. from the result list or the power/stats screens. They may be available on your phone but not here (they used to be available, though).
  • If you go “Back” from here (e.g. decide to continue the ride), Zwift crashes and the uploaded activity becomes corrupt. You will need to go to to repair the fit file.

Hi Jon,
I have recently noticed that the stickiness on the desert flats section seems to have been increased. I can be in a casual group of riders overtaking slower Zwifters and often get detached from my group and stuck to the slower rider. It doesn’t feel very natural to have to keep powering up to avoid this situation and feels even worse if I am hanging on by the skin of my teeth to the back end of my group. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers Jon, keep up the great work. “Ride On”


There was a rumor floating around that this update would include the fix for kids accounts and the minimum weight restriction at 100 pounds. Is that included in this? Just checking thanks!

What can we expect in March @Jon_Mayfield? Any teasers?

Warmer weather?? :rofl:


Nous avons besoin d’accéder au menu sans avoir à lancer une partie.
Nous avons besoin de pouvoir changer de route ou de monde sans avoir à quitter le jeu.



Strange change from update: In workout mode, the interval list on the left of the screen now has a decimal point: “30 sec of 150.0 watts”. I’m not sure why the decimal point was added, but it seems unnecessary.

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I noticed the same today.

Actually, I was hoping for an update that results in smaller increments of power/watt changes when you adjust the power target with the arrows. It used to (and still) only changes in 5 watt increments. Or is this just a rounding issue and the actual power target changes in smaller increments?

Serious problem trying to download this update.

Google App Store stated the file was 28MB. Not for me, it ended up being over 600MB before completing an then installing the update!

I had no issues with any other apps offering an update.

Thanks for freeing the decimal place for weight and height!


Mine does the same, except it won’t install successfully from the Play Store. Downloads over 600mb, then just fails. In my case this is not the first update with this problem though, had to jump through hoops to get the latest update installed for a few updates already.

Edit: the small update last night installed fine, so hopefully whatever broke with my updating has been fixed.

Despite not signing up for the challenge, my default bike is now the MTB no matter what I do to change it. Every rider entering an event must now remember to change bikes or suffer the consequences.

Bug or deliberate spam?

It has also been discussed on the page.

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Yeah, me too, I can’t seem to change bikes as the frame option is greyed out. Any ideas?? Makes riding a race or a fast group impossible.

Why has a decimal been added to the watts in every workout? They’re all .0 so why have them? They just obscure the picture.