Stuck with mountain bike & Zwift won’t let me switch

When I started My specific workout this morning I saw that I all of a sudden randomly have been assigned a mountain bike. It is not letting me click on frame in my garage to change it. WTH. I have not changed my frame for a while from the canyon road bike. I logged Out of Zwift (had to stop/end my workout) and went back in and still I unable to switch frames in the garage. Anyone know how this can be fixed ?

Mod update: now fixed on all platforms

Hi @Lisa_ulrich_Coeur

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On the start screen, the one where you select worlds you will see the mission top left, there is a button to make the MTB your default bike, uncheck that and see if that work.

Sorry I don’t have a screen shot.


Thanks Gerrie. I’ll check that. Will have to end my ride to do this, so I’ll do it after I finish my MTB ride. Lol

Fixed it - someone said you need to come to a complete stop, then you can access the frame. Able to switch now. Thanks for your help!


Thanks for reporting back.

Pretty sure it’s a bug with the latest updated regarding the March Challenge. I just went into Zwift in my iPhone and spawned in game. I have not signed up for the March challenge and my avatar was on the Scott MTB, but I was able to switch it back to my Specialized Tarmac Pro.


Hi Daniel,

Are you 100% sure you did not sign up for the EPIC challenge? I saw it this morning on the start screen.

@Gerrie_Delport yes I am 100% sure I didn’t sign up for it. See it on the top left but never clicked it in game. Only signed up for Tour of Watopia.

Last ride was 29 February where my normal bike was selected. When I loaded up to test for OP I went into a ride and the MTB was the default bike until I changed it and exited. Just loaded again and once again it defaulted to the MTB. It’s definitely a bug.

@shooj can you pass this info on to the dev teams to investigate?


Thanks @DKE_Watson, that is some good Info, especially the screen shot of your start screen. I signed up for the challenges, so I saw normal behaviour.

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I didn’t sign up but also started today’s ride on a mountain bike but was able to switch it


Same here. Did not sign up to the challenge (didn’t even know it existed), ended up on the Scott MTB - was able to change it. And saw a surprising number of people riding MTBs in New York. Later I opened Zwift on my phone (to go check which routes were completed, yeah, that makes total sense), and again it had defaulted to the MTB. Looks like there’s a bug associated with that challenge.


Same here

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This looks like it’s due to a config file setting (prefs.xml) that is being picked up even when people haven’t signed up to the mission.


When I edited my prefs.xml and changed it to <USEMISSIONITEM>0</USEMISSIONITEM>, Zwift keeps me on my selected bike even though I haven’t selected the mission.


@Daren, it seem like you hit the nail on the head with that one. So I assume the intention was to have that as “0” until you select the mission then I will become “1” then you can toggle it from the start screen where it ask you if you want to auto select the MTB.

How can we easily resolve this issue on mobile devices and ATV (without a Zwift update)?

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When I selected the mission, the “auto-select Scott” radio button was selected.

So, yes, one of these should be true:

  • default to 0 and pick it up even if people haven’t started the mission
  • default to 1 and only pick it up if people are on the mission
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I don’t know about how to find or edit preferences on Android/Apple TV. I guess it’s possible, but I can’t find it on my Android phone.

e.g. I looked in storage/emulated/0/Android/data/, but that’s empty.

Hopefully just ticking the box on the main page like @Gerrie_Delport suggested works as a semi-permanent resolution. Just worried that it will flip back to putting Zwifters back on the MTB at the start of rides.

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If you select the box, that’s what it should do. Deselecting it should mean you don’t get put on the bike.

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No matter what I do, it always reverts to the MTB. Logged in, changed something, ended, repeated a dozen times, no luck. On every device.

Definitely a bug and every single rider will have to remember to change bikes before entering an event or pay for it dearly!