Garage prblems

Cant change bike. All bikes are shown as mtb when selected

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Make sure you are not pedaling while picking bikes. Also check that you are on the latest version of Zwift.

If that did not work, we will need more info on what system you use to Zwift.

Had the same problem at 555 est doing the herd ride The bike was switched to MTB and even when I went to the garage and switched to a road bike would default to the mtb when returning to the game. Running zwift using an Apple TV with automatic updates
Many thanks
Steve Witts

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First try switching bikes when your avatar is at a complete standstill. You can’t edit or change wheels or bikes while your are pedaling.

On the start screen, the one where you select worlds you will see the mission top left, there is a button to make the MTB your default bike, uncheck that and see if that work.


Pretty sure it’s a bug with the latest updated. I just went into Zwift in my iPhone and spawned in game. I have not signed up for the March challenge and my avatar was on the Scott MTB, but I was able to switch it back to my Specialized Tarmac Pro.

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I will try that Thanks so much Gerrie !


Hi! Running Android version v107-1.0.46672

Hi @_velonavia_se

Were you able to change bikes?

The latest Androind version is V108 - 1.0.46903

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Yes. Big thanks!

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