Data Dropouts redux - associated with latest Zwift update

posting this separately from the previous thread because it’s new behavior associated with the zwift update that my Macbook Air took this morning, strongly suggestion it’s an app issue.
i had previously had various sensor issues, ranging from obviously inaccurate cadence numbers when using an ANT+ USB dongle to talk to my Wahoo Blue SC to various kinds of sensor dropouts. for the past month or two, the issues have been confined to occasional glitches with my CycleOps (Saris) Magnus trainer.
the configuration that i’m now using has been the most reliable - Zwift running on an early 2014 Macbook Air (freshly rebooted, other apps almost entirely shut down), proxying the BLE connections through a Samsung Galaxy Tab A running companion. it’s in the basement; the nearest potential sources of interference are the Cat 5 (low voltage/high frequency) and 120V household stuff running in the basement ceiling. the WiFi access point is an oldish Mac Time Capsule which is in the closet under the stairs, maybe 15-20 feet from my trainer.
after this morning’s zwift update, i suddenly started getting frequent dropouts from my Wahoo Tickr (2 months old, firmware recently updated, relatively fresh battery). i’m reasonably confident my heart did not actually stop.
the dropouts are pretty obvious in the red graph at the bottom of the screen shot:

Looking at some of your other rides it still look like you are still getting Power dropouts as well.

You can put your log file in


i am still getting power dropouts, but i had settled for just having the one issue. zwiftalizer has not been particularly revealing.

update: there was an update issue.
not with the zwift app on the macbook, but i checked my android tablet. auto-updates was on, but no updates were occurring. after i updated zwift companion, the heart rate dropouts cleared up completely.
still getting power dropouts though. mostly correlated with low power. not being that strong a rider, i mostly ride at low wattage. oh well. this may well be an issue with the Magnus trainer, not with zwift software.