Please help me find the cause of my dropouts (favero issues?)

So ever since I’ve moved houses my Zwift setup has been giving me problems. Heart rate monitor (Polar H9) occasionally dropouts out to 0 for about 2-3 secs. Also, resistance of trainer (Tacx Flux S) sometimes completely turns off and doesn’t come back or has difficulty with erg mode. This happens for both ANT and Bluetooth

For the past 2-3 years, I’ve been powermatching Favero Assiomas as cadence and power source with the Tacx Flux S as controllable. Nothing changed about my setup when moving, we only got new wifi.

So I started my journey of trial and error there. Turned wifi off, 5ghz only, ethernet. Still dropouts.

Maybe it’s my Macbook Pro? Tried two other laptops for about 15 mins each, still dropouts.

Then maybe it’s my trainer? Tried connecting it as power, cadence and resistance source. So not the usual power matching I do with Favero Assioma. Now I got no heart rate dropouts for 15mins… Is it possible that these pedals suddenly started interfering with my setup? While I’ve been using this exact setup for 2-3 years?

Bit unsure how to go from here, and honestly this testing made it even more confusing lol. Thinking about doing a full hour with trainer only tonight. Would like to hear your thoughts!

it is most likely something in the new environment that is causing interference. I would start with a log file at Zwiftalizer to see what might be going on.

Download one of the wifi signal apps and see how much wifi signal you have at your trainer location. What I saw in my pain cave were very large fluctuations in signal. For the last several years I have been using a power line network adapter. It made a big difference.

You haven’t started using a bluetooth headset at your new place? FA pedals and Zwift can have dropouts. It doesn’t happen for me but I have watched my wife ride and I see zeros occasionally.