Favero Assioma pedals connection missing

Hi all,
In my last workout, the Favero Assioma pedals, after half an hour of activity, disconnected and there was no way to associate them with Zwift again.
I checked the battery charge of the pedals and it’s ok, so that’s not the problem.
Has anyone else had the same problem?

Did you try to connect them to the Favero app?

Just posted a few minutes about something similar.

When I have my Bluetooth headset connected to my tablet then Zwift cannot find my assioma pedals. No idea if this has been fixed.

If I lose the connection during a ride, rarely happens, I power off the headset to disconnect it and then connect pedals. Afterwards I reconnect the headset.

I remember once doing a ride or race and just before the finish line this happened. Since I didn’t know about this half-arsed fix at the time, I end up quitting before completing the route. Got so frustrated nearly dropped Zwift for good that day. :triumph:


I have sworn off Bluetooth headsets, I have collection from inexpensive to costly that I have tried. They all cause dropouts at times. I hate using a wired headset but there is no faffing around. My Favero Assiomas have to be connected before my Polar HRM or they are a no go. Yesterday I couldn’t get the FAs connected for either my ride or the Mrs’s. That was the first time that ever happened. My latest issue is attempting to connect a Scosche rythmn24 to Zwift. My Polar H10 is bulltet proof with Zwift but I have a rib issue that the HRM belts aggravate. I was sure the Rythmn would connect but it has almost continuous dropouts. Eyeing Ant+ dongles again as some swear they never have dropouts. I purchased one and still was seeing dropouts and they proved even worse than Bluetooth dropouts. Considering trying another brand of dongle.

I found this Avantree bluetooth dongle that does only audio so it does not interfere with my setup. You can’t connect the trainer or pedals to it only headphones.

And yes I prefer ANT+


I know I have asked you before but what Ant+ dongle do you use? I check out that Sound dongle.

David I have two, I will have a look.

I have two Garmin dongles from the time the 1st Gen Kickr Snap came out…5 yrs ago and they work great. Not the cheapest but at the time they were the only ones around.

I’ve used a generic Ant+ dongle since I first started Zwifting 4 years ago, first with the Tacx Vortex and for the last 2.5 years with a Wattbike Atom v1. I added Assiomas about a year ago and they’ve worked flawlessly with the same Ant+ dongle.

If you use a Wattbike Atom & are Zwift staff any chance you can apply some internal pressure to get the Zwift quirks with ERG mode fixed? Edit to add - This is Bluetooth rather than Ant+

I haven’t seen any specific issues with ERG (granted I use Ant+) other than there being a trainer delay of around 5s, making the short intervals a touch troublesome.

NB: That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any.

Probably give it a try…

Try something simple like turning erg off. Or finishing an erg ride & going to free ride.

This happens at the end of every workout right? I’m not experienced any difficulty with it. Note that I’m just replying as someone that uses Zwift on their Wattbike rather than a formal staff response. Happy to ask around if others have been having issues though.

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You cant disengage ERG mode in Bluetooth.

It used to be an issue with just free ride sections in a workout, but at some point an update has made it so you cant disengage during the workout, say for a quick sprint as part of a workout and then when you finish the workout, it remains stuck in a single gear and the gears dont work until a power cycle and repair.

Il be honest, it was more a tongue in cheek comment rather than a cry for help - I know its an issue, its an issue that Zwift has introduced and needs to fix so no need to ask about from your perspective - But, should you try it & experience it you might be able to relate the issue to those who need to hear it in greater detail than a helpdesk ticket would ever do.

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Any reason you don’t use Ant+? Is it the gear display?

I think we’ve probably hijacked this thread enough for now :slight_smile:

I used to use both, but Ant+ had to many drop outs. ATV is just easier for the most part.

/backontopic :wink:

I always use bluetooth headphones while Zwifting; either listening to music on my iphone or watching something (usually live sport) on my iPad. I run zwift on an AppleTV.

Do you mean that they cause you problem if you are connecting them to the same device that you’re running zwift on or just using them at the same time?


Bluetooth headphones connected to iPhone everything else running through Mac mini M1.
There are many simultaneous bluetooth connection going on:
Stages Bike (controllable)
Favero Assioma pedals (power and cadence)v
Wahoo Kickr fan
Bluetooth headphones connected to iPhone

iPad running Companion app

I was racing Zwift Race League last night using Kickr Core to Apple TV but using my Assioma Una for power so connecting with Zwift Companion when my pedals suddenly disconnected at about 21 minutes in. Tried to reconnect with power from my trainer which was then way off - as in almost impossible to turn the pedals- reconnected with Assiomas, then dropped again, then fumbled around with the Apple TV controller and got kicked from the game which could have been me, not sure. I was also using wireless earbuds to connect to Discord.
Do you think the problem here was too many wireless connections? I have had so many issues with keeping my Kickr core calibrated that lately I’ve just been using my Assiomas for power but this is the first time I’ve had disconnections but my last 6 races, I didn’t use Discord.

If you are using Bluetooth to connect every thing then this might be one of the problems. Headphones tend to cause a lot of issues.

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