Wattage jumping

I am having a problem with my wattage jumping around. The ride will start fine but then the resistance will get way more difficult or easier without any changes to the terrain (if free riding). This is happening when in training mode (ERG on) and free riding (ERG off). Problem has been happening for at least a week, maybe two. I have a Saris H3 - I updated it with latest firmware and problem persists. I am using the newest Apple TV 4K device with automatic app updates turned on so running the last version. ATV has a clear, unobstructed view of the trainer. I have a heart rate monitor but no other devices connected to Zwift. I have an Apple iPad handy that runs Zwift Companion and Pandora - no other apps running on it. I have rebooted all devices multiple times. I have calibrated the trainer multiple times. I have checked to make sure Zwift app is at latest release (even though app updates are set to be automatic on the ATV). And I am using Bluetooth. Today when it happened, I stopped pedaling unplugged the Saris trainer, plugged it back in and the problem went away for the rest of this ride. Any ideas? Thanks.

UPDATE: before riding this morning, I closed the Zwift app and then forced a restart of the ATV. Then I started a free ride of Serpentine 8. Immediately the wattage was drifting. Without changing gears, resistance would get harder going downhill, easier going uphill and otherwise changing unexpectedly.
Without stopping Zwift I stopped pedaling, unplugged the Saris H3 trainer, waited 10 seconds, plugged it back in. The problem went away for the rest of the 2 hour ride. H3 has latest firmware and has been calibrated several times lately using the Saris app. Trainer and heart rate monitor are connected to Zwift app via Bluetooth. Paired using the Zwift app, not paired using Companion app. Zwift version 1.0.60639. Apple TV 4K (64 gb) tvOS 14.3 (18K561). Where’s the weak link? Zwift? ATV? Saris H3?

A lot of people have been reporting Saris H3 problems recently. Try a search for “Saris” in this forum.

Ugh. There doesn’t seem to be any solution. Do I need to dump this trainer and get a different one? If so, any recommendations under $1,000 US?

I think @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ has a H3, but he uses Windows 10 and ANT+, not bluetooth. Is this issue only effecting users on bluetooth?

As Mike said I use Win10 and ANT+ and don’t have any isues.

I think that is a ATV issue.

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I really doubt that’s it’s an ATV issue, since the only people reporting BT problems with ATV seem to be those with the Saris H3

I fixed my problem… originally I was pairing my H3 with an iPad and had no issues. Then I switched out the iPad for brand new Apple TV 4K device so I could feed it to a 40" screen. That’s when trouble started and almost every day it got worse. I tried everything. Zwift Support has been non-responsive. I gave up on Apple TV and went back to the iPad. I tried plugging a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter into the iPad to feed to the 40" monitor; the H3 worked fine but the graphics on the 40" screen were sub par. I then smartened up and started using my existing Windows laptop to run Zwift. Using HDMI cable, I projected it to the 40" screen. I am no longer having an issue. Seems to be a platform thing, especially Apple TV paired with H3. Doesn’t seem to be the H3. Try a different platform to run Zwift on and make sure to calibrate your H3 using the Saris app. iPad with H3 worked for me. Windows laptop with H3 working for me. Brand new latest Apple TV 4K not working with H3. Fortunately I was able to return the Apple TV and get a refund. Good luck.