Zwift iOS airplay/mirroring

Hi all,

Hoping that tech savvy community can help me out. I have a new Samsung smart tv (2016model) and iPhone 6S plus. was very happy once Zwift on iOS finally rolled out, because I though I can just use my large iPhone screen on the handlebars but alas, when you going hard and heavy on the bike last thing you can try and do its to concentrate on the small screen. My question is: does anyone know of a good way to mirror my iPhone screen to my Samsung TV with out procuring an Apple TV or an expensive HDMI dongle?

Thank you in advance!



I just tested both my iPhone and iPad via both airplay with an older AppleTV and with the dongle (new version).  With the iPhone (7 plus) to the AppleTV I found was having issues with bluetooth dropout (in this case both Wahoo HRM and cadence). Also you lose the sound when going via Airplay. 

Here in the US I found that Walmart has the new model Lightning to HDMI dongle for $39 US so I picked one up yesterday.  Brief tests with both iPhone and iPad worked very well (but they were brief).

Today I rode the flat Watopia loop as an iPad test.  The iPad was connected to the TV via the dongle.  It worked very well!  No bluetooth dropouts.  I did find that the iPad did not charge (not sure why…still need to research that). You do get sound with the dongle.  Refresh rates are not what I get with the Macbook Pro but they are very good.  Since Zwift is using screen mirroring the 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPad does not fit a typical widescreen TV … you get black bars on both sides.  All in all, this was overall a very acceptable solution.  

Later today I’ll test the iPhone 7 plus on a ride with the dongle.  

I think the MacBook would be the preferred solution for long rides.

Also, I’ve not tested anything like Discord running as a background task under IOS to see how audio works.