New gym setup tv and apple tv, or tv with built in airplay

Hello all,

Completely new to zwift. Wife and I both interested in using zwift for both the running and cycling.

We’re in the process of getting everything together for a new gym. At the moment we’re thinking of getting two tvs with built in Airplay2. One TV for the bike, and another for the treadmill.

Has anyone tried the new samsung/lg tvs with built in Airplay2? Do they work well with Zwift iOS app, os is it better to getter the Apple tv’s with each tv? (lot more expensive)

Does Airplay to the Apple TV’s even work well, or is it better to just use an iPad?

Airplay from another Apple device such as a MacBook or iPhone to the Apple TV work fine. I do this occasionally if running Zwift from my MacBook (to ride France of course :sweat_smile:)As for Airplay to a Samsung or LG TVs w/built-in Airplay 2, it should work as well since it is a standard defined by Apple. Note, I have never tried this.

When using Airplay, you will probably notice a minor bit of lag. It is almost negligible but noticeable especially if you compare the TV to the source (e.g., iPad, iPhone, etc…)

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This is what I have (I know a bit overkill, but I spend more time on zwift than in my car :grinning:). A Microsoft studio all in one for the bike. And an acer 4K touch screen (connected with hdmi/usb to the studio). Switch between the two screens.

Thank you for showing the setup.

We’re currently looking at two 32/43 inch tv’s with built in Airplay to sync One TV for the bike, another for the treadmill. As we don’t want to commit to where all equipment is going, we’re also looking at different high tv stands that we can use with them.

My concern is that I don’t know anyone who has one yet. Know it should work fine with Samsung/LG, but will be gutted it is crap.

I was considering the Apple TV air playing to two screens when I set mine up. But played around with zwift on my Apple TV in the living room. Was not that thrilled with the remote. So getting touch screen functionality was a must for me.

Can’t you just replace the remote with just about any IR remote, an old apple remote (with buttons) or just use a Bluetooth keyboard?

Nope, none of those work with Zwift. Just the Siri remote.

Ergh that sucks. Hoping a new Apple TV comes out soon and they get rid of that remote

Does Airplay do 4K? Personally I am a PC guy and I like cables so for a permanent install I would do a laptop to TV via HDMI. I do use an ATV4 for Zwift and other programs but this is not permanent as it is in my living room when 100 degrees in the garage (Central Texas). The ATV remote is horrific but I get by.

Pretty easy to put together a dedicated Zwift PC for $300 that will run at 60fps* in the highest level of detail at the 1440p resolution setting. If you want 2160p it can be done for about $470 with all new parts.

*Group rides are a different matter.