Connecting multiple wattbikes to one TV

Hey Guys,
I manage a small gym where we have 9 Wattbikes and I wonder is there a way to bring this together so that we could have multiple swift users on watt bikes looking at one screen? A lot to ask I know but I thought it would be fun!

Further to this, any recommendations on the best connection system from Wattbike to Zwift /TV is welcome? Apple TV?

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Hi @Guy_Wood, welcome to the forums.

I believe each bike would need its own device and screen such as an iPad, Apple TV, or PC. You could line up a bunch of small TV screens on the wall and have one for each bike, but to my knowledge, there is no way to have them share a screen.

Zwift doesn’t work like a gaming system such as xbox where one game can have multiple players using a split screen.

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define “best connection”? Apple TV has lower end graphics so you don’t get as nice of an experience you would get with even a low end PC with a nice graphics card. The supply/demand issues globally have caused graphics cards to spike in price, so now they are pretty cost prohibitive. Apple TV is also limited to only 3 bluetooth connections, and one is used for the remote, leaving only 2 open.

Apple TV is certainly very easy to use and setup, and probably the best value for the cost at this point, but I wouldn’t say it is the “best connection system”.


I won’t be a help.
I live in a country where gyms have had to close down due to Covid.

Good luck with the years ahead, I wish you the best and hope things can get back to normal in your “marketplace”

There is a unit called a Wasp that will collect multiple ant+ signals but you can’t get over the displaying it all on one screen, as zwift simply isn’t set up for that.

A local gym with multiple atoms are using something called intelligent-cycling to do their cycling classes - ive not used them but understand it can support both in person and remote users from a central session.

Thanks Lee - super helpful. I’ll check it out.

Thanks for the help there Mike! Top man.

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