2 Zwift Accounts, 2 bike trainers, 1 apple tv?

I want to buy Apple TV for using Zwift, currently on a MacBook, but can it handle two user. We have two seperate accounts, two seperate trainers, and never bike at the same time. I’m mostly concerned with the log in process. Is there anyone using it in a similar way that can offer advice or opinion? Is it easy to pick a different zwift account? Once you pick your zwift account is it easy to pair the trainer? I’m using Saris H3 trainers and Wahoo tickr HR monitors. I would love to get some advice before spending the money on the tv and the apple tv. Thanks!

Hi @Joe_Petrilli welcome to Zwift forums.
Yes, that will work as long as the two of you are not riding at the same time. Because you’ll have to switch accounts and log in with email & password, you’ll face some hassles for logging in with the ATV remote that single-account users do not deal with.

AppleTV has some limitations that MacOS does not. ATV can only support 3 concurrent Bluetooth devices, including the Apple TV remote. That leaves only two open slots to connect the trainer as a control device / cadence / speed, and you will not have an open slot to connect your heart rate monitor.

When you have more than one person using the same Apple TV the ATV remote makes it awkward to enter a username / password, and you’ll wish you had a keyboard instead. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can install the AppleTV keyboad app, and this will make login easier.

This is my opinion, but if your Macbook runs the game well, I’d stick with that and connect it to a decent-sized affordable monitor mounted to a stand.

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My husband and I share a 4K Apple TV for biking (not riding at the same time). The Zwift login screen shows both accounts and just select the account you want to use. It only gets complicated when my daughter visits and adds her account, because the ATV will only remember the last two used.

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You’re right, Peggy. It’s not so bad if there’s only two of you.

I should have been clearer that our AppleTV stations here at the Zwift HQ lab are used by a lot more than two of my coworkers, so I have to type in my email / password awkwardly with the ATV remote, and that bugs me as a non-iPhone user.


Hi Shuji, is there a way to tell Zwift that Apple TV asks you for your password every time? We have a Apple TV also shared by different users and we would like to make sure that nobody will ride on a wrong account. Zwift logs in even if you change your password…
Cheers, Andreas