Apple TV (4th Gen) Zwift App vs iPhone 7 screen share


Currently running the app on my iPhone 7 and mirroring via a 3rd Gen Apple TV onto a 1080p 40’ TV. Pretty impressed generally, to be honest!

However, I am considering getting a 2nd hand 4th Gen Apple TV and installing the app.

Has anyone done the same/got views they’d like to share with me?

Is the experience smoother?

Are there any other specifics I should be aware of?

I’m running a Wattbike Atom & Tickr HRM.

NB: Can I also continue using the Zwift Companion App when running the app on Apple TV?

Thanks guys n gals.

I’ve only played with Zwift on my iPad a little and think the Apple TV experience is much better.

The only thing to be aware of is that the Apple TV only has 2 bluetooth low energy connections available (3 total, one already used by the remote). This means you can’t connect a smart trainer + HRM + cadence sensor at the same time. You need to use the companion app to gate the bluetooth connections to Zwift.


Thanks for your response, David. Really useful!


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So, quick update: I have the Apple TV (4th Gen) now and just tried it out. It’s significantly better than screen sharing the iPhone. Image is much crisper & better resolution. Connected up to my wattbike Atom and HRM instantly and the companion app (running on my iPad) worked just fine.

I’m now all set for the UK winter :wink:

Glad yours is working out. I’ve tried two TVs in my house and they both lose picture when using Zwift and Apple TV. My TV shows a black screen for a couple of seconds before coming back. I’ve gone back to sharing my iPhone screen with my Apple TV as that seems a little better.