Apple TV - advice from scratch plz


After 18 months of very happily running Zwift on an ipad and Wattbike Atom Ive decided to mount a TV on the wall to mostly run Zwift but also give me options to have a TV in the room too for when nobody is using Zwift

I have a 6y old Macbook which Im not planning on using and the ipad will then become used for the companion app which I believe is necessary to get Heart Rate stats demanded by the other house Zwifter as she races and needs this data for Zwift power

The thing Im not sure about is the Apple TV bit
I wish to use it purely for Zwift and have no desire to activate the subs as we have Netflix and Prime

My options are:

  1. Buy new Apple TV and connect to screen on wall. Nice and easy but an extra piece of kit. And I should be able to use this for Netflix too??

  2. Use new 4K Amazon fire stick which says it is compatible with Apple TV but I cant find much online about using this with Zwift

  3. Buy TV with built in Apple TV. This would be great and the most elegant but am not sure if Zwift would be happy with this and the cost probably higher than non Apple telly with either of the above

All advice welcome


Good news, it’s quite simple; 2 and 3 won’t work. :+1:

Zwift doesn’t run on the Amazon Fire Stick, and ‘Apple TV’ as built into TVs is an app in its own right, which can’t run other apps like Zwift.


Next question!

Bought Apple Tv and it was a very easy setup with the Wattbike although I now have some issues with the Companion App

This needs to run on my ipad so my partner can use a HRM which again is an easy setup however the Companion only runs in portrait which is a pain because:
a) my tablet mount is at the limit of its travel to accomodate it
b) the Lightning connector is now blocked by the bottom of the mount

There are a number of posts in different forums complaining about lack of Landscape so there must be a reason why Zwift have never gone with it??? Does anyone know?

Our phones are Android so the ipad is the only way to get Heart Rate data. Ive tried screen mirroring to the TV from ipad but this loses a big chunk of screen with big black rectangles either side. It still looks superb though!