Best way to connect to TV & Zwift app

Currently I use my iPhone with a HDMI adapter to get my screen to the TV. And the Zwift app via Bluetooth to get speed/cadence/HR.

Was trying to find an affordable way to connect Zwift instead of my iPhone. How do you connect?

My ADHD fires pretty hard so wanted to be able to text, surf or even take a call on some rides but didn’t want to leave the app to do that.

Suggestions welcome!!!

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AppleTV could be the answer to your question. You can run the Zwift App on it and use the phone to run the Zwift Companion App and do all the other things you need/want to do.

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Hey Paul,

One question from my side, why you need this companien app running by side the exersice? Apologize my question im an apsolute beginner at the zwift world.
Thank you for your feedback in advanced.


You don’t need it, it is just very useful. You can control the Zwift App from it (like making turns), give Ride/Run Ons, messaging and many more features. When not using the Zwift app the Zwift Companion App is still useful for giving Ride/Run Ons to Zwifters you follow, you see your stats, and many more features.

It does need to be running on a different device then the Zwift App though.

It is a very handy little app for Zwifters.

Here is a link for you to read:

Good to know it.
Thanks for quick reply to my question.
Have a good day, see you in Watopia :slight_smile:

Cheers Torten

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I was using the same setup with my Android phone. Purchased the Apple TV 4k and an inexpensive 32in TV. Much better setup and using Zwift Companion app on my phone.