How to connect WAHOO Kicker and ZWIFT To a TV


I want to get a TV for my hubby for his birthday, so he can use ZWIFT on a TV instead of an IPad. He has the WAHOO kicker trainer but I don’t know what I need to link the trainer, ZWIFT and a TV?

Any advice re equipment/cables needed to ensure ZWIFT and TV are connected would be great.

Thank you


Hi @Tony_Dales1, you will need a cable that plugs into the Ipad and goes to HDMI. Lightning to HDMI most likely.

Hi Mike

Thank you, so the IPAD is the interface? That sounds good. I had been doing some research and tutorials seemed to be suggesting you needed APPLE TV 4K, which is not something I want to purchase.



Yes, you can use any of the devices that run Zwift such as a phone, iPad, laptop, etc. And connect them to an external TV or monitor. The TV is NOT what runs Zwift.

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Thank you, Mike, I appreciate your help. His last trainer required all sorts of ANT and other interfaces, and it was a nightmare.


Personally, I would still go for getting an Apple TV and using that to run Zwift on the television (which would require an HDMI cable for the connection). It works great and keeps you from having to attach the iPad to the TV every time you want to use it. (And also frees up the iPad to run the Zwift Companion app, which is much easier on the eyes than trying to use a phone, IMO.)


Hi Nigel,

Thank you, I appreciate your advice. I am looking at all the options.



I second the recommendation to get an Apple TV to run on a TV instead of trying to use the iPad to run the game. The video/picture is so much better going that route, otherwise when you try to connect the iPad it will not fill the TV screen. Plus he can use the Apple TV for Zwift, use the companion app on the iPad, run Spotify for some music on iPad, watch cycling videos on YouTube, browse Zwinder (Tinder for Zwifters where we boast about our watts/kg and KOM/QOM jerseys).