Apple TV and Zwift Play


I’ve just purchased the play controllers in readiness for when my kickr v5 goes virtual shifting.

I’m having a bit of trouble routing the signals around all the bits though.

My kickr is connected to Zwift via direct connect, my viiiia heart rate strap talks to Apple TV via Bluetooth and everything has been fine, I use an iPad for the companion app.

If I add the play controllers on the normal screen I run out of Bluetooth thanks to apple’s awesomeness, but if I click pair via phone I can get everything connected via Bluetooth on the iPad.

Is there any way I can keep the kickr connected on direct connect , the hr on Apple and just the play through the iPad?

Can’t help thinking I’m doing something wrong and missing something, if Zwift are reading… how about getting rid of the connect by Bluetooth or phone screens and just having the connection option in each tile.

Any nuggets of wisdom greatly appreciated

I’m not 100% sure, but I think once you choose to pair via the phone/companion app everything has to go through the companion app.

If that is wrong, I’m sure someone will correct me.

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Hi, @Mantis_Toboggan, it’s great to know that you’re ready to start using your Zwift Play controllers! I imagine you want to still pair your Wahoo KICKR V5 on Direct Connect. However, since there are only 3 Bluetooth connections on Apple TV, including Apple TV’s remote, to use the Zwift Play you’ll need to create a bridge with the Zwift Companion app and pair all your devices with this bridge.

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Thanks for the replies

Kind of disappointing that the direct connect can’t be used. I found the Bluetooth connection between the kickr and the Apple TV was flaky which prompted the di-con dongle purchase in the first place.

Is there any technical reason why Zwift can’t allow an end user to pick/choose/mix connections? Instead of the Bluetooth or Phone choices.