Zwift TV connection

Hey guys. Newbie here. Im sure this has been answered 1,000 times but is there an apple tv or so i need the apple tv small black box to hook up from wahoo kikr to a tv? Im new to all this so idk anything about pairing…


There is an Apple TV, which is a small black box that connects to a television. The Zwift app is available on Apple TV, as are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of other apps. If you have an Apple TV connected to your television you can connect your Wahoo Kickr through the Zwift app. If you do not have an Apple TV you can also run Zwift through your computer (and connect to a TV with an HDMI cable, if you want), but you might want/need an ANT+ dongle and extension cable to make this work properly.

What tv for around $500 and 60" low end tv would work with this apple tv thing? I doubt Samsung huh?

Also, is there a subscription needed for the apple TV? thanks mate.

i’m using an iphone ( also for ipad) to a TV via HDMI, just using the apple #HDMI-to-lightening adaptor, no need for an apple tv unless you want one for other things.