Need new pc or Apple tv

(Huw Williams) #1

Hi, my laptop is holding on for grim death running Zwift so I’ve decided to invest in something new.

I’ve an iPhone XS Max so latest phone, would I be ok with the Apple TV option? I read a lot of topics on this forum about Atv not working.

Or should I purchase a new desktop/laptop?

The only new item I’d have to purchase if I went down the Apple TV route would be a Bluetooth HRM, everything else is Bluetooth compatible.

I’m using an original 2016 KICKR.

(Steve Ellis) #2

Regarding Apple TV – remember that it connects only to two Bluetooth signals plus the remote. So it’ll connect to (1) the KICKR and (2) a heart rate monitor, but not (3) a separate cadence sensor, or vice versa.

So if you go with Apple TV, you could get the Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor for your HRM, and it’ll not only provide Bluetooth for heart rate, but it will also bridge ANT+ signals from a cadence sensor and the KICKR, to keep your setup within the Apple TV bluetooth connection limits.

(Huw Williams) #3

I’ve a KICKR and Vector 3 pedals, so I’ve been using the pedals as power source and KICKR as controllable trainer, works really well.
The Viiiiva would harness all those ant+ signals and put it into one BLT signal?

As for the Apple TV, is it as glitchy as I’ve read on various forums?

(Steve Ellis) #4

Eric Schlange wrote about using the Viiiiva with Zwift at ZwiftInsider a couple of years ago, here

I’ve used the NPE CABLE device to combine multiple ANT+ signals to one Bluetooth channel for Apple TV.

If you’ve already got an ANT+ heart rate monitor, then the CABLE could be the one purchase you need to connect all your devices to Apple TV. If you don’t have a compatible (either ANT+ or Bluetooth) heart rate monitor already, then the Viiiiva would do both in one device.

(By the way, in the US at least, you can find both devices on sale at the moment.)

(Andrew Dunwoody) #5

No need to purchase extra equipment to send more than two devices to ATV. Just use the Zwift companion app which only requires your devices to connect with your phone or tablet as long as it’s on the same wifi network.

I have Kickr, HRM, and cadence sensor connected to the companion app as it sends the connection data to Zwift on the ATV via the network and not radio signals.

As for ATV 4k , no problems with it running Zwift. Graphics won’t be as good as on top end PC, but they are still excellent in my opinion.

(Huw Williams) #6

Thanks for all the info!
I’ve had a look at both the Viiiva and CABLE and a few videos on YouTube.

As my HRM is the only non BLE sensor, it seems that buying the Wahoo TICKR and running the extra sensors through the companion app would be the cheapest option.

Is it that was or is the companion app an unreliable connection?

(Andrew Dunwoody) #7

Hi Huw,

The only problems I have had with the companion app are when it doesn’t have a strong to excellent wifi signal with the device running the app. All these problems (which were dropouts) were fixed by adding a signal booster near my trainer.

But yes, you’ll need an Ant+ to Bluetooth bridge or a new device as although android devices can connect to Ant+ devices the companion app only uses Bluetooth presently.

(James Martin) #8

Just bought a Apple 4ktv and connected it thismorning . Dead easy to setup and runs better than it did on my old laptop . Happy I bought it

(Huw Williams) #9

Hi, what are the graphics like?

(James Martin) #10

Well compared to my old laptop it’s 10 times better. The laptop froze and lagged .and graphics were not smooth.
Colours are better games runs smoother and not laggy. That’s the big difference for me .
Now it’s not like a high end pc but it’s good enough for me.

(Huw Williams) #11

Thanks, getting closer to getting one!!

(Aaron Zwanzig) #12

Hey @AndyD , I’ve been trying to troubleshoot a problem I’ve been having with the companion app and Apple TV that perhaps you have solved. I’m finding that sensors paired through the companion app report no signal, even though when paired directly through the Apple tv they track just fine. Is this the same issue you solved with your signal booster?

(Andrew Dunwoody) #13

Hi, yes, I don’t want to say that will cure your problem but it’s worth exploring. If my phone that’s running the companion app has nothing more than a full WiFi signal then i get dropouts.

A cheap 2.4ghz booster seems to have sorted that now.