Zwift set up apple or android?

Hi all, new to Zwift and have got it working ok on my Galaxy S9 edge ok but am thinking about future upgrades to my viewing experience whilst being ablw to use the companion app for a reasonable budget.

I would happily just get a decent android tablet and run Zwift on that with the companion app on my phone if not for the dact decent android tablets aren’t cheap. Due to this I have seen that you can get Apple tv for £150 and as I can get my hands on a spare tv to connect it to, that’s the cost down but my query is, would I be still be able to run the companion app from my android phone and connect it to the Zwift running through my Apple tv or will they not work together so I’m stuck saving for the more expensive android tablet?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, you can run the Zwift App on the AppleTV and the Zwift Companion App on the Android and it will work just fine. You need to make sure that they are connected to the same router though.

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Thanks for that, they’d be on the same wifi network so good to know it’s an option.

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I used to run a $10 USB to HDMI cable out of my S9 and into my standard TV - works fine.

Does it just mirror the full screen of the phone onto the TV when connected that way?

Mirrors the phone’s display.

Emma Murrie

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