Zwift on TV with android. Any suggestions?


I’ve been using apple tv for a couple of years to enjoy Zwift on the TV. Last January I bought the zwift play button pads, which I love, but they exceed the 3 Bluetooth device limitation of the apple tv. Therefore, I have to go for the Companion bridge connection with my Android phone. that usually works fine, but sometimes it drops in the worst-sprint-for-my-life moment.

When I use all the gear with my Android tablet it works flawlessly.

I was wondering if any of you can suggest an Android TV device that could work fluently and would 1accept the four Bluetooth devices at the same time.


Android TV devices are not supported for running Zwift. You could use an Android tablet or phone cabled to a TV (if the device supports that - not all do).

If Companion disconnects from the game that is usually a network problem.