Apple tv and Andriod phone

Hi, I am thinking of getting apple tv to run zwift on but I dont have any other apple products. If I download the companion app to my android phone will it work with zwift on the apple TV setup, thanks, jeff

Yes, it should work absolutely fine.

I have done the same recently and I’ve not experienced any issues. There is a limit on bluetooth connections for the apple TV (the remote takes one of these).To get round this, I’m able to connect my trainer, HR monitor & cadence sensor perfectly fine utilising the companion app on the Android phone. It works as well as an iphone would in this regard.

My one difficulty was setting the Apple TV up so that I had access to the app store. I created an AppleID as instructed. Then I had to add payment details and billing address to that AppleID. When trying to to connect this ID to the Appstore on the AppleTV, I kept getting the error “No iTunes Store Account”.

The easiest way round this was to quickly download Apple Music onto the android phone and login with the AppleID. When you do this, you’ll be prompted to accept some T&Cs. Once done, you’ll have no trouble with the TV. Slightly annoying.

It’s improved my zwift experience massively.

Thanks for that Andy. Been looking at different options but think I will go with that now. Thanks for the info on the app store as well, cheers