Wanting to try Zwift.does it work through an android TV.out

Hi.im new to zwift.how do you set up Zwift on a Sony bravia android TV.

You need to have a PC, Mac, iOS device and some android phones and tablets to run Zwift. You can then display Zwift on your Sony TV.

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Thanks for you help.
Which is best apple or android for Zwift

The issue with Android devices is that some don’t work even though they appear to meet Zwift’s specs. A PC or Mac computer with recent specs is the best way to go. Then you can use your mobile device to run the Zwift Companion app.

A computer is more powerful than an ipad so that’s the best option.
Thank you for your help much appreciated.

Hi… My apple Mac recently broke so I decided to buy a 32inch HD Television… I simply mirror My Smartphone onto the TV which I have Zwift working on that Bluetooth’s to my speed sensor on the rear wheel and judging by my previous results (I’m at level 20) it’s just as accurate as my old apple mac…

In my experience so far if you have an android phone you should be OK to work with Zwift no problem.

My android had never had any problems although you are right… You won’t be able to run companion at the same time however there’s still a lot of in game features while using the Zwift app such as ride ons and changing routes etc

Apple TV works well, too. It might actually be the cheapest way to enjoy Zwift.

But if you already have a smartphone, I would try it first. I have a Samsung S20 and I can both display the game on my TV and run the Companion app on the phone screen at the same time, which is awesome. But it will depend on the phone that you have.

Thanks thats very helpful.im using a samsung A7.ive git the app on my phone ok but my Sony TV doesn’t support Zwift in Google play store.

You can’t run Zwift on a Smart TV (not nearly enough processing power). But you can probably cast your phone’s screen (running Zwift) to the TV, or use an adapter cable to connect it up.

Thank you for your help.