Apple TV 4K 4th or 5th version

I plan on making the switch to running Zwift off of Apple TV. Does anyone have a suggestion /preference of which version to buy. The 4th and 5th versions are available. Also, this is probably about the only thing I’m going to be using the Apple TV for and will have it set up on an older plasma tv.

I would get the latest version as likely has more powerful CPU, but look at the specs.

I use the ATV 4K and it works well. The only thing that’s annoying is the remote which can sometimes be un responsive in zwift. You can get around this using the remote app on the iPhone.

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The ATV 4k version has better graphics, even if you aren’t using a 4k TV.


This is the remote app that @Batch mentioned. If you’re an iPhone user, it’s a great alternative to the ATV remote.

Know that selecting Apple TV means no shadows. They are not supported in the Apple TV ecosystem.

@Happy_Runner shadows do exist on AppleTV, you just don’t get the bike/rider shadows. Fair trade off in my opinion for the ease of use/setup.

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