Zwift with iPhone mirroring to Smart TV - lags and delays?

Newbie question alert because I am sure this has been discussed before but I didn’t see a sticky FAQ with answers??

My current configuration is a V1 Tacx Neo with Zwift app on an iPhone XS mirroring to an old Apple TV (original silver remote - no Zwift app) playing on a six year old Samsung Smart TV. I prefer to watch the ride unfold on a TV rather than on a small phone or tablet screen.

This combo allows me to ride on Zwift but there are a few things that bug me so I am looking for suggestions for a more suitable setup!

-At least once a minute the TW display freezes or lags behind the actual ride. This isn’t a big deal for casual riding but it would be annoying during a race or really hard workout.

-Using the small screen on my iPhone XS to choose Zwift options or check out events is fiddly. It would be nice to have a larger interface that doesn’t require wearing my reading glasses :wink:

-When riding on Zwift and mirroring the app from my iPhone and streaming music from the phone through the TV surround speakers I can hear music but none of the game-related sounds. Is this normal? How can I have music from my phone and the game sounds play through the TV speaker system or are the game sounds non-essential?

I have considered buying a new Apple TV 4K to replace my old school unit. Would riding Zwift through the dedicated Apple TV app and then mirroring / streaming music from my iPhone to the TV be a solution to the freezing and the single audio output issues?

I have also considered buying an older iPad or laptop to run Zwift on but since I have no other use for this hardware I would rather avoid this if possible.

All that said I really want to end up with a stable, functional and easy-to-use Zwifting station and am willing to spend some money to make it happen.

Ride On :slight_smile:

I also started my Zwifting running the app on an iPhone, switching to apple TV 4K was a huge improvement, I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. A laptop gives you some additional functionality apparently, but I’ve never run it on one so can’t advise.

Not sure about your music / speakers issues either I’m afraid, I use Bluetooth headphones while riding. I do use my phone as the source and can happily run the music and Zwift companion app without issue, and that’s on an iPhone 7.

Thanks for the feedback. Just placed an order for an Apple TV 4K!

With the Zwift app running on the ATV are there still good reasons to have the Companion app accessible via phone or iPad while riding?

Hi Rob,

Having the ZC present while using Zwift on Apple TV is extremely helpful. The remote for the Apple TV is less than stellar when used with Zwift (works fine with everything else). I use an ATV to run Zwift and the ZC just makes things a little bit easier when it comes to giving Ride On’s, chatting, etc.

As well as what Stephen mentioned, I would say that the map on the companion app is useful, especially when new and just free-riding around Watopia or trying to work out where in NY you are.