New IOS update - Lightning HDMI connector issues

I have the following lightning HDMI connector. 

It worked great before the latest Apple IOS update 11.2.1 and now it is not working.  I saw that a lot of the Zwift community purchased this for Zwift.  I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and if they were able to resolve it.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 



  Not sure the update is the issue.  I had lots of problems with that cable.  Sometimes I would have to plug it in, and unplug it many times before a signal would reach the TV.  Try seeing if it works with just the home screen, it should be able to mirror that (don’t fire up Zwift).

I switched to the AppleTV 4K, and have been really happy with that setup.  Better graphics, and smoother, FYI.

I have the same issue. It is the update and not the cable, adapter or tv. The same kit works with other phones/iPads that have not been updated. A link to a fix would be appreciated.

Many thanks

I have the same problem here…I’ve been binge watching YouTube for solutions, but i haven’t found one yet…

Buying a ipad-mount has been the solution for me:s

I had the same issue & still have a elevated ticket in, haven’t heard anything from support in 2 weeks So I got Appletv 4k & last night it crashed mid-ride.  Lost all data…no happy

I have just had this same issue. Love using Zwift. Got rid ofbkool  as it wouldn’t work as well with my gadgets. Zwift worked seamlessly. Finding wattbike through my iPhone SE. Had to do a restore. So it updated the iOS. Plugged into same cable I have for the last month (hdmi adaptor on tv with power, cable comes from that to female usb, plug in iPhone cable and bingo! Always worked (airplay not reliable enough) until update yesterday. Gutted. Please help Zwift! Going to try an ‘original’ apple charger cable tomorrow to see if that’s the issue. Come on Zwift, help us.

I just found in a comment section on YouTube that said currently no mirror cable is working with OS 11. If anyone knows of a shortcut or a cable that does work, let me know…I was pedaling to a blank wall yesterday, not fun!

Contacted the company I bought the hdmi to lightning cable from (has usb as well to draw power to charge) and they replaced mine for free. Said the update had caused issues. I am no longer updating…or trying not to just in case. Got the new cable from them and works fine. Also found if you have a shite lightning cable it can affect it. Try the awesome cable from Syncwire. Recommended by Macworld and 3 year warranty. Mine works great now.