iPhone projector

Just wondering whether anyone has tried an iPhone wireless projector as part of their Zwift setup? Wondering whether a bigger screen will provide a bit more motivation and not had much luck with hdmi/lightning cable to tv?

I have not used a projector, but the Apple Lightning-to-HDMI adapter has worked really well for me. Other Zwifters have reported that some off-brand HDMI adapters are giving less than desirable results. Ride on!

Also not used a projector, I use an Apple TV and screen share from my Ipad.

I’ve used a screen sharing program that connects to a PC from an iPhone using airplay. Something like that could meet your needs.

I use a projector linked to my iPad or iPhone. Not used a wireless projector though, a lightning to vga adaptor works just fine.
IMO having a really big display makes the experience much more fun.

Ditto HDMI adapter, onto an old 32" TV a couple of feet in front of me. This was a big upgrade that completely changed Zwift IMO. Occasionally I’ll watch TV with Zwift just on my phone for the gradients etc but the experience is far better on a bigger screen right in front of me.