Reduced screen when using iPad (not iPhone) to TV via Lightning

New to Zwift thanks to the new iOS version, but I ran into a pretty big issue with my setup. I want to use my iPad Mini 2 to run Zwift, not only because it’s more powerful than my older iPhone 5S, but also so that my iPhone can be used with the Zwift companion app on the bike which, is located 15’ away from the TV that I want to use for display. Using an Apple Lightning HDMI connector, I quickly discovered the video aspect issue. I lose a lot of my 60" TV’s screen to black bars, and being 15’ away with what is not the best eyesight, I need all that 60" to be able to read everything on the screen. There is a lot of info on the Zwift screen, some of which is pretty small.

As a workaround for my first trial ride, I just swapped devices and ran Zwift off the iPhone, which gives you the full TV screen when used with the Lightning HDMI connector. This must be because the iPhone has a different aspect than the iPad, but the problem with this alternate setup is that then i don’t have a device to use on the bike for the Zwift companion app. Plus the iPhone is older and doesn’t run Zwift as well as the Mini.

I understand Airplay is an option for full screen, but it sounds like it’s not supported yet (latency issues and more) and also has no sound.

The iPad Mini screen is too small for Zwift, even if it’s on a stand right in front of the bike. My PC is out of the question since it has no way to get the video to the TV. My laptop might be powerful enough to use, and the companion app does allow the use of all my BLE sensors (no ANT+ here), but I’d rather not have to use it on a stand in front of the bike.

Anyone have any other suggestions??

I don’t think there is a solution other than to get a newer iPhone? Why do you have to be 15’ away? 

I was wondering the same thing. Why do you have to have it 15’ away?

It’s my basement layout (kid cave) … the TV is on the far wall and the only place for the bike right now is 15’ away. Moving things up is an option if I could get rid of the kid crap, lol.

It works kind of ok on the old iPhone 5s, but the graphics are obviously not great, and putting it up on the 60" makes it that much chunkier.

FYI, latest iOS release indicated that the sound issue is resolved over airplay. Probably still choppy though?

Exact same issue here. Even when iPad is connected via Airplay the display is too small. Needs to be fixed.