Scaleable UI elements would be awesome

I use Zwift a lot, and on a 3440x1440 monitor. I find that some of the UI elements, especially the top one with the power when in workout mode, can be quite a bit larger than I need them to be and take up around 30-40% of the screen at times.

It would be awesome to allow users to scale these manually if they want them smaller, so they can enjoy more of the scenery around them. Conversely, those with poor eyesight or far from the screen could increase the size of the UI elements.

Zwift should just make the UI completely customizable and resolve a lot of feature requests at one time.


Thumb’s up on that. Especially as I’m restricted to the iPhone app when working out att work. The screen is quite messy in that size.

We have been asking for UI customization since day ZERO. Nothing ever gets done for it by Zwift. RGT in their closed pre-alpha already had that. Zwift years on does not. There is no rational explanation for why they will not do this for us paying customers.