Reduce size of central panel with power, HR etc

Please can the size of the central window be made user adjustable or moved as it is blocking a lot of the view ahead at present. This is particularly the case in workout mode.

It probably needs to be about the relative size that it is if viewing zwift on a laptop screen but it is way too big on a large TV screen.


The Zwift UI should have some customization. All the panels occupies too much space, At least an option to resize the UI to 75% / 100% / 125%.


Joao -

Thanks for your reply.

I was wrong in one regard in that the central panel isnt the one with power and HR etc but has the elapsed time, level etc.

It did seem this evening that the panel was smaller than previously but I wasnt doing a workout today - just riding.

I agree - they all take too much space so reducing size and/or ability to move would be a lot better.



A good solution could be floating panels that we can move and resize (and even close)


How would that work on Apple TV ? I think the panels are fine but maybe a scaling option.

Got my facts straight this time -

For me, the main issue is in workout mode - the central info panel is quite shallow in ride mode and doesent have all the power and HR data etc. In workout mode however the central panel is about twice as big and does have power, HR etc.

Its a case of ‘even better if’’ - I do workouts about 80%+ of the time and having a smaller panel so I can see ahead better would distract me more from the pain and I dont need to see the power and HR data as the trainer just does that all for me in ERG mode.

Yes, a scaling option or moveable windows plus scaling option would be great.

Customizable UIs … it exists already for decades. Just not in Zwift. Copy with pride! Let your developers play some “WoW” for a week, so they get a bit inventive at last…

Let the users decide what data fields they want or not want to see…