Increase Font Size on iPad

Hi Zwift. Could you add “Dynamic Type” support to your iPad App. I find it hard to read all the small text while cycling on the trainer as I’m not wearing my reading glasses while heart rate maxed out following a training program. Thanks. Tom

I had the same issue but had to concede i needed to wear my glasses as my eyesight deteriorated.

I’d say if you can’t read your heart rate it’s time to maybe do the same.

The HR text is a decent size when compared to the riders nearby list.

I don’t think they were saying they could read heart rate specifically just that they didn’t want to wear glasses while their heart rate was at its highest and so couldn’t read the smaller text very well.

Ah gotcha.

Either way if you’re struggling to read the text when the screen is pretty close then I’d say it’s time for specs.

I think of this more of a general accessibility issue than specifically make the text bigger, even though I personally would appreciate larger text size on iPad and tvOS.

It’s actually more important to me for Zwift to support accessibility features of iOS on Companion (dynamic text, as you suggested) as this is right in front of me when I’m Zwifting.

I’ve said this before, but if we put things like accessibility features on a list and let people vote, then they’ll never get prioritised. I’d really like to hear from Zwift where accessibility is in their thinking and roadmap.