Font Size Options

I run Zwift on a laptop of average size full screen. I normally wear reading glasses, but i don’t while riding. It would be great to have an option for a larger font. I really cant see any of the smaller type (like in a workout, the time and watts for upcoming segments are unreadable to me). To me all the items on the screen could be a little larger. Personnaly, I would give that more importance then actually seeing the “road”

I agree 100%. Same issue with me. Whether running or cycling on Zwift the font size is too small to see while working out.


I agree, there should be a slider for font size for stats and messages. I use Zwift on just my phone for running and I can barely make out the distance even with my glasses on. Thanks.


I agree 100%. There is so much great information on the screen, but I miss it during my workout because I’m not wearing glasses.


I would also like to be able to change font sizes but for the opposite reason: I ride right in front of a 50" screen. It would be nice to make the texts and other elements smaller…

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Yes, it is true… Not on the PC, but with the tablet I have to use my granny glasses… :smiley: