Font Size

The size of the font for the current watts I’m pushing is great, but the time remaining in the current interval is so small I can hardly see it.  My eyesight isn’t great but it’s also not bad.  I don’t wear glasses and I see most things just fine.  But when riding hard and looking at a smart phone which is sitting on a table 12"-18" away, it’s difficult to see how much time is remaining in the current interval. 

Also, the font size for all of the intervals on the left is small and difficult to read so I can’t see how many watts my next interval will be.  I realize they are colored differently for which zone it is in which is very helpful, but it would be nice if the font was bigger or if there was an option to increase the font size for individual preference.

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Make sure you vote up the existing request also so Zwift can put this on the list for issue it needs to resolve:


plug HDMI in to bigger screen,got a 42’’ inch screen off eBay for £60 works good