Increase font size for all data in app

running zwift on my phone, the font size and color selection of (in particular) the % grade is so small and low contrast as to be unreadable. time, watts speed and heart rate should also be larger.

the ride profile and rider position indicator are also unreadable due to poor color selection and a tiny icon.

the Phone app gui should have the fonts properly sized to be useful.

Hi Mark,

I think UI for Zwift on a phone needs to be a compromise, because there are so many people who use Zwift on a phone to cast - or share their screen - to a smart TV.

Because of that, the best solution is to get a computer device with a larger screen - a tablet, a computer, or an Apple TV - or a smart TV you can share your phone’s screen with - they should all give you a better experience. If you think you can’t afford one, try second-hand.

Zwift on a phone will never be as good as Zwift on a big screen, just like Zwift using a speed sensor will never be as good as with a smart trainer.

I do cast my phone to my 60" TV and the slope % font in particular is still too small when 10’ from the TV. that also prevents me from watching TV while I ride…

I also already own a tablet, the latest gen Kindle Fire HD 8 Plus, but Zwift won’t even install on it, much less run.

font size across the board in game should be larger, in particular the slope%, with higher contrast colors, or user selectable font sizes.

would be nice if the user could resize and reposition the various GUI elements (i.e. make the map and profile larger)

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I agree, it’d be nice to change aspects of the display around, but I can’t see it happening in the near future.

Have you had a look at an Apple TV device? This video might be of interest:

Hej Mark I agree to you problem. I cant even see which way the red triangle on the map is showing and the watt numbers for the other riders is so small on my ipad air 10.5" so they are blurry to me and i can’t ride them without glasses. I hope Zwift will fix it soon. I love Zwift.